Red Bull Dune Dusters 2016

Stockton Beach
© Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool

On Sunday 6th November this participatory running event, set out across approximately 10km of soft sand, will challenge runners to race up and over some of the largest sand dunes on the iconic Stockton Beach.

Open to professional runners and everyday fitness enthusiasts, Red Bull Dune Dusters challenges participants to race through strategically placed gates before crossing the finish line.

A physically and mentally challenging race, each participant must choose to either travel the shorter distance directly up the steep sand dunes or decide on the longer route with less incline.

With a backdrop of wide open blue skies and sand as far as the eye can see, this sacred site is home to the local Worimi indigenous people and access to this area is a privilege for competitors who enter the race.

The event is just a two hour drive north of Sydney and will commence at 9am AEST on Sunday 6th November.

A soft sand race like no other, check out the highlights above from last year’s event and register here if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of Red Bull Dune Dusters 2016.