Watch amazing POV video: speedriding made easy

If you’ve seen speedriding and said ‘No way!’, take a look again – these guys make it look easy.
By DB Cooper

If you're anything like most human beings, you look at speedflying clips and say "Awesome! But there's no way I'm crazy enough to do that…" as intrepid pilots like Vincent Reffet and JT Holmes dodge cliffs and trees at speeds which would leave most of asking for a seatbelt and airbag.

The sport, a unique hybrid of paragliding and skiing, has gained popularity in the last few years - as well as reputation for one of the riskiest things a human can do. While this video from Mike Swanson and his friends Luca and 'Ippo' is as much about soul and stoke as it is about shredding, make no mistake, speedriding isn't as easy as these guys make it look.

Shot over two months during the past winter in Valfrejus, France, (near Savoy) we witness the riders in or near lift-served terrain, cruising over wide open bowls, as well as scoring some untouched powder. It's nice to see that speedriding doesn't necessarily have to be in the realm of total impossibility. Our biggest question: where are all the other skiers and snowboarders? It looks like a blue-bird powder day to us!


Mike Swanson
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