Go on an insane wingsuit ride with this POV video

Patrick Kerber does insane jumps from high places so you don’t have to.
© Patrick Kerber
By Evan David

Wingsuit pilot Patrick Kerber isn't the kind of guy who gets scared - that much is obvious, as he calmly jumps off Switzerland's Mt Titlis (2,800m) and Mt Fisistock (2,700m), landing a kilometre and a half below, and almost three kilometres away. Lucky for us, he took along his GoPros for some insane helmet-cam footage.

We don't know what it's exactly like to see the Swiss Alps from the point of view of a bird of prey, but this has got to be close. He definitely scared a few mountain goats (and us too!) as he raced over rocky cliffs and rarely-touched grass fields. Enjoy!

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