Seven wild whitewater rides you have to see

Ready to ride a river rollercoaster? Hop on-board for some whitewater wildness.
Kayaker Rafa Ortiz paddles through rapids in Tlapacoyan, Mexico in 2013
Rafa Ortiz in Tlapacoyan, Mexico © John Rathwell/Red Bull Content Pool
By Andrew T Crafts

Paddling the impossible – from dropping huge falls to battling some of the world's most ferocious whitewater, these kayaking feats will leave you in awe.

  • 1. Dane Jackson's whitewater rodeo

Dane Jackson, whose parents build the industry-leading Jackson Kayaks, is known for his incredible freestyle skills. Yes, you can front flip a kayak.

>>Watch Dane Jackson's freestyle flips<<

  • 2. Steve Fisher's close call in the Congo

South-African born Steve Fisher has run the wildest rapids in the world – including the Inga Rapids on the Congo river. Watch as he almost gets sucked into a liquid cave.

>>Watch Steve Fisher's Congo close call<<

  • 3. Ride the Big Banana with Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz is known for his big hucks – and Big Banana Falls was a big one. Click, and hold on to your bananas – and your britches.

>>Go over Big Banana Falls with Rafa Ortiz<<

  • 4. Find a first descent in Mexico

'First Descent: Michoacán' was all about discovering un-paddled territory in a risky area south of the border. The team found plenty of risk – and reward.

>>Watch a wild ride in Mexico<<

  • 5. All kinds of crazy waterfalls

From rockslides to double-drops, this collection of pictures shows some of the more off-the-wall places kayakers have taken their boats.

>>Check out the wild waterfall photo gallery<<

  • 6. Across the Alps by bike and boat

This isn't pure whitewater, but it's pure adventure. Watch as a team of explorers traverse the alps via pedal and paddle power. Kayaking on snow, anyone?

>>Watch the kayak crossing of the Alps<<

  • 7. Paddling in Peru with Aniol Serrasolses

Spanish paddler Aniol Serrasolses headed to South America for some incredible whitewater adventure – including a six-day trip into hard-to-access whitewater.

>>Watch the Peruvian kayak adventure here<<

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