The best vehicles for air land and sea adventures

Forget campervans, trucks or even planes and boats. For your next adventure, you need one of these!
The SkyRunner takes a flight to Timbuktu
Discover your inner James Bond with the SkyRunner ©
By Ed Chipperfield

What if money were no object? You wouldn't settle for a regular truck – you'd get the most pimped out adventure beast possible, right? This was our thought as we scoured the globe looking for the coolest and most outlandish modes of transport for the adventurer with deep pockets. From a one-man space rocket to a fully functioning flying car — enjoy. Happy saving... 


The flying car for aspiring James Bonds

Name: Skyrunner
Flying car
Price: approx €87,500

Part all terrain buggy, part light aircraft, the SkyRunner offers a serious dose of high octane adrenaline. Capable of 0–100kph in 4.3 seconds and a top land speed of 186kph, the petrol-driven engine can also propel the Skyrunner to a maximum airspeed of 89kph.

Inventor Gilo Cardozo tested a prototype by driving and flying from London to Timbuktu, including a flight over the straits of Gibraltar and several hops over the Western Sahara. Best of all, thanks to the parachute, it's actually safer than a conventional fixed wing plane due to its stability and resistance to stalls.

The skyrunner flying with his paraglider through the air.
SkyRunner - part dune buggy, part light aircraft © SkyRunner

The campervan for oligarchs

Name: Unicat
Off-road luxury living
€1.2 milllion

Based on a Mercedes Unimog vehicle, Unicat take expedition comforts to an entirely new level of oligarch-like luxury. With extras like bulletproof windows, landmine protection and a night vision system for the driver, it's a 6x6 truck you can take anywhere.

Inside, it's pimped, boasting a fully fitted kitchen, including washer/ dryer, a bathroom with shower and flushing toilet, Bose sound system and an integrated PC workstation. There's even an electric sunroof above the double bed.

You may need to rob a bank to buy one but at least you stand a good chance of hiding away somewhere remote for a while.

The Unicat can take you anywhere.
Unicat - off-road luxury living © Unicat

The drug baron's dream getaway

Name: UC3 Nautilus
Private submarine
€146,000 (to build)

At 17m long, the UC3 Nautilus is the world's largest amateur-built submarine, launched in 2008 by a team of Danish engineers and hobbyists. The diesel-electric submersible can dive to 100m with a crew of four, and is able to flood her ballast tanks to dive in just 20 seconds – faster than most Navy submarines. Unfortunately for underwater explorers, this one is not for sale.

The UC3 Nautilus in action.
UC3 Nautilus © Copenhagen Suborbitals

The best vehicle for polar adventures

Name: Caterpillar DN6
Antarctic overland tractor
Price: On request

Equipped with ground penetrating radar to spot crevasses, ice spikes for traction and a comprehensive central heating system, this modified DN6 was the vehicle of choice for British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes during his ill-fated Coldest Journey expedition across Antarctica, which was aborted due to terrible conditions.

The tractor coped far better than the humans, operating through the winter months at temperatures of -60C. And is that a shipping container on skis it's pulling? Yes. Who needs primitive tents when you can tow your home.

The modified Caterpillar DN6 pulling a container over the antarctic ice.
The modified Caterpillar DN6 © The Coldest Journey (

The vehicle for special forces and customs patrols

Name: Griffon 200TD
Arctic hovercraft
Price: On request

The death of the hovercraft has been greatly exaggerated. Take the mighty Griffin 200TD, for instance: in 2012, it was the first craft of its kind to cross the North Pole.

Leaving from Svalbard, the Norwegian expedition managed to speed over the lumpy, shifting floes of the Arctic at a speed of seven knots. It's also equally at home in the tropics – and featured on a Nicaraguan stamp in the 90s after desending the San Juan river.

The 12-metre long hovercraft has a four-berth cabin, a top sea speed of 43 knots and infrared night vision for driving in dark.

The Griffin 200TD has a top sea speed of 43 knots.
Griffin 200TD © Griffin

For the Silicon Valley adventurer

Name: Turanor
Solar catamaran
Price: €12.5 million

As the world's largest solar boat, the Turanor is a strange-looking beast. On top, the carbon-built structure is covered with 512 square metres of solar cells: inside, she has enough lithium-ion batteries to drive for 72 hours in darkness. The electric motor puts out 120kW, turning the twin five-bladed props at 600rpm. Top speed is 14 knots (that's 25kph to landlubbers).

After completing a record-breaking circumnavigation, Turanor is now seeking new adventures by exploring traces of submerged prehistoric landscapes in the Mediterranean.

The Griffin 200TD has a top sea speed of 43 knots.
Turanor - the world's largest solar boat © Anthony Collins

For space travellers

Name: Tycho Brahe
One-man space rocket
€40,000 (to build)

Planet earth too boring? How about blasting yourself off into space in a one man rocket. Tycho Brahe was a prototype one-man spacecraft launched in 2011 from a floating platform in the Baltic Sea. The 3.5m-long capsule managed a 15-second burn before veering off course and landing back in the water at 200kph.

The capsule, at 64cm diameter, was designed to contain a pilot in a half-standing, half-sitting position for flight. Copenhagen Suborbitals, the brains behind the project are now working on a bigger and better version. You may have to wait a few years yet for lift-off.

The Tycho Brahe one-man space rocket starting into the space.
Tycho Brahe - One-man space rocket © Copenhagen Suborbitals

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