Check this POV video of a skyak jump

Kayaking in the sky? Hop on board for a mad ride with Miles Daisher as he skyaks from a chopper.
By Tarquin Cooper

Miles Daisher is a man who likes to invent new aerial sports. If it fits on the roof of your car, chances are he's skydived with it. Bike, skis, boards – tick, tick and tick. One of his favourites is jumping out in a kayak.

“There's something magical about it,” he tells us. “It's so much fun. And it means you can land on water without getting your ass wet.”

Either you fly the skyak or it flies you

In this clip, he exits a chopper at 11,000ft (3,300m) with a front flip, performs a few more tricks before landing in style on Lake Avándaro, about 150km from Mexico City.

“It's not as easy as it looks. Either you fly the skyak or it flies you,” he says. “On this occasion it went like clockwork.”

Miles Daisher lands his skyak on the water during Red Bull Flugtag on the Camden, NJ, USA waterfront, on September 15 2012
Miles Daisher in skyaking action © Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool

Still, the relatively high altitude of the jump and landing, added some spicy ingredients. “I love to dive my parachute at the ground to build up speed to swoop across the water. These front riser hook turns, coupled with landing at 4,000ft (1,200m) above sea level, gives you extra speed thanks to the thinner air. It was amazing and super fun! Speed is your friend.”

Oh, and look out for the two guys flying above the lake on a kind of aquatic answer to pogo sticks. “Air boarding,” says Miles. “I have to get one! They're so much fun.”

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