Watch a truly epic wingsuit flight in slow motion

For episode 1 of our new Epic Series, we’re blasting open the archives for a unique wingsuit flight.
By Josh Sampiero

Welcome to the first instalment of our Epic Series – incredible action video of the most exciting adventure sports there are – coming to you weekly through the rest of the summer! First up: one bad-ass wingsuit jump from 2012.

There are some amazing things happening in proximity flight these days – but for those of you who are just jumping on the bandwagon (or off the edge), this one's a classic: Marco Waltenspiel wowing a crowd with a flight over the Schafberg, a dramatically exposed peak in Austria's Salzkammergut region. It was an incredible feat of skill and daring back then, and it still is.

What makes the video all the more compelling is the way it's perfectly captured using a 1,000fps camera so you can see his flight from a unique perspective.

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