Miles Above: This video series will make you fly

Get ready to take to the air with each and every member of the Red Bull Air Force team.
Jon Devore, Miles Daisher, Luke Aikins and Mike Swanson, of the Red Bull Air Force Team, soar over the Hollywood sign, during LA Swoopers, in Los Angeles, CA, USA, on 20 October 2011.
Red Bull Air Force Team - Action © Andy Farrington/Red Bull Content Pool
By Andrew T Crafts

It's not easy to join the air force – and we're not talking about the military. The Red Bull Air Force is one of the most elite sky-dive teams on the planet.

A long-time fixture on the team is pilot Miles Daisher, the perfect person to introduce the 'Miles Above' video series, profiling each of the Red Bull Air Force team members. The series will run in regular instalments over the next four months, so get ready for some action!


© Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool

 Says Miles: “Pumped for the first episode to come out August 19 in one week. We'll finally get to share some of our Red Bull Air Force rock and roll lifestyle with our fans and friends!”

Daisher, who has completed thousands of skydives and BASE jumps, puts it simply: “We show up, blow up, dial it in, and stick around for the party!”

We show up, blow up, dial it in, and stick around for the party!

While it sounds like swash-buckling, care-free fun, it's not quite that simple – falling from the sky, safely, takes knowledge and skill, and that's something these pilots have in plenty, as you watch them steer themselves onto landing areas no bigger than a volleyball field.

“We are precision pilots. We can't go up, but we can fly down better than most aircraft,” says Jon Devore.

All in all, it's about having fun in the air and creating a good atmosphere for those on the ground. And while all the pilots acknowlege there are risks – “It's a super dangerous sport,” says Daisher, “but super dangerous things are really fun! I'm not cheating death, I'm enjoying life!”

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Miles Above video series next week!

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