Watch this POV of freedivers in a plane

Hold your breath, take a dive and explore an underwater vintage plane in this freediving POV video.
By Tarquin Cooper

It lies 30 metres down at the bottom of a disused quarry in the west of England, a long forgotten light aircraft that once patrolled the skies. Since 2006, the year it was purposefully sunk, it's been a star attraction for freedivers bold enough to explore inside.

In this clip, let freedivers Daan Verhoeven and Tim Money show what it's like to explore the plane armed with just a 'monofin' and a single breath of air.

The pair plunge to a depth of 27m where the plane sits on the lake bed and, amazingly, they then swim through the 20m craft, committing themselves to a dive where no exit is possible.

The cold, dark and green already make the quarry a bit eery, but add the wreck, and it gets spooky.

“It takes some mental convincing to make yourself go in there,” says Verhoeven. Any freedive into an 'overhang' environment is freaky as you can't just swim for the surface – you have to find your way out first. You have to keep your mind under control.”

And that nearly became an issue for Money, who got stuck as he tried to exit the cockpit.

This is not a dive for beginners!

“It turned out Tim's monofin was wider than the cockpit door,” says Verhoeven, “so when he wanted to swim through, his fin wouldn't let him. Some people would have panicked at that point, but Tim simply looked back to assess the situation, saw the problem, rotated his legs so his fin could get through, and got out. He showed excellent control.”

Want to make the dive film even more authentic? Try holding your breath during the clip. Daan and Tim hold theirs for between 1m 40s and 1m 50s – just under the length of the video. (But be sure to start breathing again if you start to struggle!)

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