#AdventureShot – one wet, wild and red ride

Red, the perfectly coloured boat to run the aptly named Tomata Falls. Check out this #AdventureShot.
Red Bull Illume 2013 Top-250 Tim Kemple
Dropping Tomata © Tim Kemple/Red Bull Illume
By Josh Sampiero

For photographer Tim Kemple, getting this shot of Tyler Bradt going over Tomata Falls in Mexico wasn't easy – he had harness himself to a highline across the waterfalls to get it. Rigging the static line meant securing it to a large boulder, and then backing it up with climbing anchors. 

Hours and hours of rigging for a shot that takes place in mere seconds. Worth it? We definitely think so – and so did the judges of the Red Bull Illume photo contest in which it was shortlisted.

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