How fast can a wingsuit go? Watch and find out

Wingsuit pilot Jhonathan Flórez lets you come along for the ride on his latest wingsuit test run.
By Josh Sampiero

For those of you think piloting a wingsuit is simply hucking yourself out of a plane, or off a cliff, and pointing your head in the direction you want to go, you couldn't be more right – or more wrong.

While the basics may be simple, the fine tuning certainly isn't. Especially when you're trying to reach speeds of 200kph plus – while in complete control. And it's not just about steering yourself. There's a reason it's called a 'wing' suit. Make changes to the wing, and you'll make changes to its flight path, and velocity.

Jhonathan Flórez has just finished up some extensive testing on a modified wingsuit design. The goal of the new design? Speed, and lots of it. While the details of his modifications to the suit are his own little secret, he let us send a cameraman along, and shared a little bit of the data from his on-board (on-body?) instrumentation. One little problem: our cameraman could barely keep up! Check out the video above for some epic footage of Flórez's test jumps, including some POV video.

So what were the results? Well, as you can see from the video, Mr Flórez certainly got faster.

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