How to pick a dream wingsuit flight #JokkeJump

It’s your time to shine – or fly. Help pick Jokke Sommer’s next skydive in the #JokkeJump contest.
The Mount Roraima is located between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.
Mount Roraima – the Lost World © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Content Pool
By Evan David

There's already over 500 entries for the #JokkeJump social contest, where you, the audience, suggest wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer's next jump. To help you pick some killer spots, we got Jokke on the phone to find out a few things he's looking for.

It doesn't have to be BASE...
“#JokkeJump is all about a beautiful, amazing flight line,” says Sommer. “It can be a BASE jump, but if the best way to fly the line is out of a chopper.” We'd say that opens up the options of where Jokke will jump considerably, so don't forget that when you're scouring Google Earth for incredible locations!

...But it's gotta be awesome
“Beautiful scenery, incredible mountains, stunning cityscapes, it's all game,” says Jokke. “We want this to be better than just any jump – we want it to be amazing! It doesn't have to be a hardcore, technical flight (although it can be) but a stunning setting is something I value a lot.”

Don't jump, Jokke!
Jokke's just joking around, he swears

Feasibility is a factor
Let's face it – skydiving has inherent risks. And if those risks can't be mitigated, a jump can't be done. For BASE, that means a minimum of a six-second rock drop from the exit – about 200m pure vertical as soon as Sommer steps into the air.

Flight line, not fall line.
While BASE jumpers have been known to leap from heights of less than 100m, this isn't the kind of stunt Jokke's going for – so to some degree, bigger is better. “We'll be looking most closely at jumps featuring 1,000m of flight or more,” says Sommer.

Southern style
Since the goal is to do the jump between January and March, high mountain terrain in the Northern hemisphere (such as the Himalayas) are unlikely. But remember, it's summer down south…

After reading, you may have some more spots you want to submit – so 'jump' on it and get 'em in! In the meantime, check out some of the other suggestions that have come in via social media here.


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