Red Bull skydivers mistaken for meteor in Chicago

People all over Chicago reported ‘fireballs in the sky’. But really, it was the Red Bull Air Force.
By Scott Hart

If you happened to be strolling through the streets of Chicago last night on your way home from work, and looking skyward, you might have noticed something odd: a fast-moving fireball of indeterminate origin. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a comet or a meteor – but you'd be wrong, just like the 333 other individuals who called in the unidentified flying object to various government and news agencies.

Last night, at approximately 6:25pm, Red Bull Air Force skydivers Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson, and Sean MacCormac jumped into high winds and sprang flares – while pyrotechnics fired in the trail of the descending wingsuit flyers – before landing safely onto the Lake Michigan shoreline. The jump was actually part of the kick-off celebration of the Red Bull Art of Can event in Chicago this week.

Watch the video above to go along for the jump that lit-up social media, and took several news outlets for a ride. The various outlets suggested the unidentified flying objects were a "meteor," "piece of space junk," or a "comet,". Sorry to disappoint! We're just glad it wasn't another 'War of the Worlds'!

“How many people get mistaken for meteors?” says Mike Swanson. “I think it's pretty cool.”

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