The best POV shots of 2014 in one video

2014 was a lot of fun for a lot of people – especially those in this video. Buckle up and hold on.
By Evan David

Where do we start with when talking about the best of 2014 – the skydive from 10,000m? The freedive inside a downed plane? There was a lot of great stuff out there!

But we figured we'd make it easy, and pick our favourite POV video clips from 2014. Helmet cam, board cams and flight cams all had their red light on to make this three-minute mega-cut of all kinds of awesome action, including BASE jumping, diving, kayaking, and more. 

Need more reading material? Check out the stories behind the clips – the leap off of the Eiger in Switzerland, Miles Daisher's 'Skyak' sky-dive, Mich Kemeter's freezing highline on Austria's highest mountain, the plane-wreck free-dive in England, or the Michoacan 'First Descent' kayak expedition in Mexico. Or experience what it's like to climb along a knife edge ridge in the Tatras with adidas #openallwinter.

Not enough for you? Don't worry. There's much more to come in 2015 – here's to an adventurous new year!

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