See The Rowel, a wild new speedride line in Alaska

Watch speedriders shred never-before-skied areas on Alaska’s sacred peak, The Rowel.
By Scott Hart

As is customary in backcountry ski and snowboard culture, a run's name is often derived from the first rider to successfully navigate a line through the new terrain.

“I was the first one to ride The Rowel [from the peak],” Filippo "Ippo" Fabbi said.  “So I named it 'My Girlfriend' because my girlfriend is beautiful and this was a beautiful run.”

The Rowel – a 9,000-foot peak in an area known for feats of backcountry skiing and snowboarding – was the crown jewel of the terrain for Fabbi and fellow speedriders Jon DeVore and Andy Farrington.

When it comes to progressing the sport of speedriding, [The Rowel] offered absolutely everything anybody in our sport would be into – from big turns, pow fields... to jumping big gaps

Watch the video above to see the big mountain skiers utilise high-performance paraglide wings to access terrain that had never been ridden before for the upcoming movie The Unrideables: Alaska Range.

“There's big open fields where you have to judge your distance and do some flying into the crevasses and the block party sections,” says Devore, “all the way down to spitting out [the] cliffs and being able to do some freestyle moves.”

"Risk to reward on this mountain – definitely 100 percent worth it," he continued. "It gave you everything you wanted – from the intensity of the launch to the celebration at the end; 100 percent worth it."

The film will be available for free on Red Bull TV from January 22 to 29.
Visit The Unrideables: Alaska Range official film page for exclusive videos and info on additional screenings before the film goes on sale in February 2015.

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