More footage of first-ever Niagara Falls ice climb

Get a closer look at how Will Gadd ascended the world’s most spectacular waterfall.
By Josh Sampiero

One week after Gadd ice-climbed up the world's most famous waterfall, we get a chance to take a closer look at his incredible (and incredibly chilly) achievement in the video clip below.

“I went through three pairs of gloves, because my hands were getting so wet,” says Will Gadd. “I literally had to warm up my ice tools and scrape the ice off them – that's how much spray was coming off the falls. It's such a violent place.”

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Watch Will Gadd climb Niagara Falls

Given the high-profile location, sharp-eyed visitors to Niagara spotted the unusual activity on the falls and reported it to local news outlets as a 'practice course' for parks police. But not long after word got out about what was really happening, and Gadd was swept away on a whirlwind tour of talk shows and news outlets to talk about the historic achievement.

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Up next for the ice-climber? After an epic year including new routes on Helmcken Falls, high on Kilimanjaro, and taking first place at the Ouray Ice Festival, he's ready for some time off. “I had blocked out a month and a half for this project,” he says. “Now it's time for a rest!”

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