BASE jumping from the world’s highest zipline

That’s one way to make an exit – see these epic exits from one of the world’s tallest buildings.
By Josh Sampiero

Earlier this year, Skydive Dubai hooked up with the Red Bull Air Force to pull off some of the funniest, flippy-est BASE jump exits ever seen – all of them off the Princess Tower, the world’s second tallest residential building, 414m above Dubai. Catch the full edit of the Dreamjump project at the bottom.

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The coolest thing? They had the world’s biggest urban zipline – requiring over 10km of rope. The high-altitude, high-speed amusement ride made for interesting BASE exits.

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A big bonus of the building’s 414m of height was all the airtime. “We coupled with the Soul Flyers, Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet,” says Miles. "Those guys are my heroes – they do such cool stuff!” That allowed them to do the epic three-way exit you can check out below – in which Miles, Fred, and Vincent joined hands for a simultaneous exit, followed by pilot Noah Bahnson. “You had enough time fall so you could get airspeed, land on a cushion of air,” says Miles. “You could throw whatever you wanted to and have time to land safely!”

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The extended platform let the guys get really creative with exits, too. "You could do so much off the platform!” says Miles. “Gainer exits, hanging drops, wing-suit flights, head-first exits, all kinds of flips, and of course, the ‘helicopter’ exit!

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All of this was done in celebration of the Dreamjump project, which sent over 500 skydivers flying off the Princess Tower – and one non-sky diver. That was Max, winner of the Dreamjump contest, who has hooked up for a ‘rope-jump’, in which he’s tethered to a rope and pulley system that slows him down as he approaches ground. See the exit in the video below. “It was amazing for him,” says Miles. “He had no free-flight experience – but he sent it 100 percent.”

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Miles, the Red Bull Air Force and the rest of the jumpers send a big shout-out to Skydive Dubai, and organiser Nasser Al Neyadi, without whom the jumps could never have happened!

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