This synchronised skydive is simply beautiful

Jokke Sommer and Petter Jonsson head to skydive central in Switzerland for a few all-time flights.
By Evan David

What goes up, must come down – but few things do it with as much style as Jokke Sommer, Petter Jonsson and Alex Aimard, who just sent us this incredible skydive video, filmed in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. See the full clip from Jokke at the bottom of the story.

Check out the heli exit


Jumping out of a helicopter at 4,000m of altitude, the pair had 45 seconds of freefall before pulling their chutes to descend safely to the valley floor below. The sport they're practicing is known as 'dynamic freeflying', in which the skydiver exerts extreme control over their body while it's moving at terminal velocity. It was easy for Jokke to pick Lauterbrunnen as the first stop on his 'Freefly the World' tour. "Lauterbrunnen is great because of the diverse mountain range – there’s so many lines to fly, the weather is good and stable, and it’s stunningly gorgeous," says Jokke. "Easy access BASE jumps, heli jumps – it’s a human flight mecca."


Watch the full clip below

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