See paragliders and wingsuit flyers storm a castle

Paragliders and wingsuit flyers unite to create a breathtaking video above a French castle.
By Alison Mann

It’s not every day you see three paragliders in sync as wingsuit pilots speed between them. And it’s certainly not every day you see these guys playing in the skies above such a stunning castle.

Paragliders Horacio Llorens, Theo De Blic and Rafael Goberna joined the Soul Flyers, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, to make the incredible video produced by Shams over the scenic Peyrepertuse Castle.

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VIDEO: Check out the attack on the castle below:

The project Higher Limits was created to promote Peyrepertuse Castle application to become a UNESCO heritage site.

Llorens explains the epic two days of flying: “We had two really perfect flying days. The first day we had six hours, we flew all around the castle and we were doing acrobatics and playing.

See Wingsuit flying and paragliding coming together:

“The second day Fred and Vince started jumping from the helicopter in free flight. In the afternoon we could play together with them in the air. I did an infinity tumble and they passed close, at 200kph, it was a super-nice experience.

“We did a formation in the air and they passed again super-fast, like bullets, I was in the middle and they sped super-fast direct to me, it was super-cool.”

This is how wingsuit pilots descend on a French castle:

The pilots were able to land and take off from the ruins of the castle, a unique experience. The tourists visiting definitely got a thrill when they all flew close to the castle grounds.

Llorens adds: “It was a pleasure to fly at the Peyrepertuse Castle and be part of the project."

Enjoying acrobatic flying:

The trio of pilots fly over Peyrepertuse Castle
The trio of pilots fly over the castle © Elina Sirparanta

But it’s not any group that could pull off such a technical stunt, it only worked because they know each other incredibly well.

“First of all you need to know everyone perfectly,” stresses Llorens. “I’ve known Rafael Goberna since he was 15 and Theo De Blic is my acro-partner.

“You try these things with people you trust 100 percent, not even 95 percent, you need 100 percent trust.

“So this is the most important thing, then we can plan together.”

The group is passionate and already talking about future projects they could pull off.

Llorens adds: “At the end celebration, we were already speaking about our next projects, we have a lot of really cool ideas.

“We can really play together; create gates in the air for them to fly through, for example. For sure in the future we will play together more.”

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