These 6 freefalls are worth a perfect 10

Out of a plane or over a waterfall – here are 6 freefalls we deem worthy of a 10 from the judges.
By Josh Sampiero

Let's face it – many action and adventure sports are simply about falling with style. And it's safe to say that style is best judged subjectively. That's why we feel comfortable handing out perfect 10s for each of the cllips below. They are daring, artistic, and most of all, awesome. Enjoy.

This climbing mega-whip from Chris Sharma

Bad-ass factor: 10+
Did he get hurt? No
No one's less afraid of falling than pro climbers – after all they do it all the time. Going for a move a couple meters above his last protection, Chris Sharma goes for the next hold – and misses. Fortunely, his belayer give him a nice soft catch – even it is a couple dozen metres below.

See Chris climb giant Redwood trees

A world record Flugtag flight


Why it's epic: world record Flugtag distance, chicken suits
Can it be beat: Maybe – another Flugtag is happening soon
Red Bull Flugtag is a crowd favourite – after all, what's not to like? People build crazy contraptions, dress up in costumes, and push said crazy contraptions into the water in the hopes of the longest glide. Usually it's not much better than a cannonball... but every once in a while you get a rare bird like the one built by the Chicken Whisperers in Long Beach, CA. Their wing flew 78m before hitting the water in front of a crowd 110,000 people – all of them cheering wildly. Want to see Flugtag in person? Get to Portland for August 1st, 2015!

This epic back-flip BASE jump

Why it's rad: wingsuits, backflips, and amazing locations
Danger factor: really, really high
"The thing that's hard about BASE jumping," says Miles Daisher, "is everything." When your jump includes a no-run-up gainer backflip off a low-altitude exit, then it's even more true. Fortunately, Miles' years of experience gives him the edge he needs to step over the edge. See more of Miles' adventures here.

Rafa Ortiz’s Big Banana bomb

Height of Big Banana Falls: 40m or 128 feet
Size of Rafa's 'cojones': massive
Whitewater kayaking keeps getting higher and higher – and bigger, and more dangerous. When Rafa Ortiz first ran Big Banana Falls in 2013, it had never been done before – and he and his friends weren't sure he'd make it. There was a bit of a scare – but in the end, things turned out OK.

See this amazing aerial ballet

Hours spent training: countless
High fives: 1
Jokke Sommer, along with Petter Jonsson and Alex Aimard, figured they'd spend an afternoon skydiving over Switzerland. And they figured they might as well make one of the coolest skydiving videos we've ever seen. The highly sycnhronized movement, at incredibly high sped, and of course, incredibly high altitude, make this free fall truly worthy of a 10 – even from the Russian judge.

This high-scoring Red Bull Cliff Dive leap

Actual '10s' delivered: 4/5
Chances you'll ever do this
: none
OK, you wanna see scorecards? Red Bull Cliff Diving has scorecards. Artem Silchenko's dive in Copenhagen in 2013 is still one of the highest-scoring dives in history of the series – drawing perfect 10s from four of five judges.

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