Watch this guy wakeboard at Austria’s highest peak

Dominik Hernler found some unique spots in Austria to knock out tricks on his wakeboard.
Dominik Hernler Wakeboading at Grossglockner during Winchelroute
Wakeboading at Grossglockner © Sam Strauss/Red Bull Content Pool
By Alison Mann

Dominik Hernler has been touring Austria with his winch – and has found some awesome and pretty unusual places to wakeboard.

He visited different locations for a week as part of the Winchelroute and managed to have his grand finale around Austria’s highest mountain – the Grossglockner.

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Watch the best moments from the week-long wakeboarding trip

During his visit to the Grossglockner, Hernler had the incredible experience of wakeboarding at 2,500m above sea level.

He says of the project: “From Carinthia we headed out each day to a different spot, and with the aid of a winch we brought wakeboarding to where no one had ever practised this sport before us.

“I was able in the last few days as part of the Winchelroute to gain vast experience and get to know my country better – but stop six on the Grossglockner was the high point!”

See the gallery of his best tricks here

Braving the icy-cold water he knocked out some amazing tricks. Using a wooden kicker throughout the week, he managed to finish the trip with a tantrum to blind.

Another highlight of his trip was wakeboarding a 6m drop over a dam in Purgstall an der Erlauf. He got good airtime on the jump, but struggled with the impact.

Overall he is happy with the project and is already looking out for locations for round two: “After using the week to the fullest, I went to extreme limits physically again and am now super-happy. There are still enough places left for round two next year. Then I want to round up a few more guys and keep pushing the limits.”

Dominik Hernler
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