Grab your selfie stick for more epic selfies

From sub-aquatic to the stratosphere, check out these super shameless selfies.
By Josh Sampiero

Admit it, you've taken a #selfie – and you totally hash-tagged it on Insta, didn't you? Call it low-brow or high-fashion, the selfie is here to stay. While Kim Kardashian can blow a kiss and get a million Insta-hearts, we searched a little harder to find some selfies we thought simply screamed #adventure.

Take a ride in a brown river

Mexican extreme kayaker Rafa Ortiz takes a selfie in very muddy and powerful river
Rafa Ortiz showing the stoke! © Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz takes a ride in a wild river – one that appears to have as much mud as water! Hopefully he doesn't get any of that water up his nose.

Reggie Bush’s sky scare

NFL star Reggie Bush takes an extreme flight with Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch in Austria
Reggie Bush goes for a flight in Austria © Red Bull Media House

What's the easiest way to give a pro athlete like Reggie Bush a thrill? Take them for an white-knuckle acrobatic plane ride with hotshot pilot Hannes Arch.

Island ride

Kiteboarder Brandon Scheid takes a unique selfie from his kit rigging in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean
Brandon Scheid slides by a tropical island © Brandon Scheid

Kiter Brandon Scheid is a selfie-master – for this one, he strung his GoPro up on this kite lines for an aerial view of a Caribbean island.

Turtle time

Kiteboarder Brandon Scheid takes an underwater selfie with a turtle during a swim in the Caribbean
Hello, Mr Turtle © Brandon Scheid

It's all about making friends, right? How kind of this sea turtle to pause for a combo selfie.

Surfing... or flying?

Brandon Scheid kiteboarding in the Caribbean
This is foil kiteboarding © Brandon Scheid

Kite 'foiling' is all the rage in kiteboarding right now – a specialised fin lifts the board out of the water and over the chop, offering up some of the smoothest rides one can get on the water. Brandon Scheid again, in Maui, Hawaii.

Time for a drink

Paraglider Horacio Llorens takes an incredible selfie whilst upside down in the air over France
Horacio Llorens hucks it up and over © Horacio Llorens

We've seen some ridiculous 'can shots', but this one takes the cake. It is so over the top we couldn't resist – and we know Horacio Llorens is having fun flying over this castle in France.

Doing his best Titanic

Surfer Chuck Patterson takes a selfie on a sailing boat in the South Pacific
Living the 'Titanic' dream... © Chuck Patterson

Chuck Patterson is no Kate Winslet, in fact, he's much more awesome. When he's not skiing giant waves at Jaws, he's positioning himself on the prow of incredible sailboats in the South Pacific. Lucky guy.

Sliding with style

Kitesurfer Colleen Carrol takes a selfie from a unique angle on her kite in the Caribbean
This is how the cool kids slide and ride © Colleen Carrol

Colleen Carrol is a kick-ass kiteboarder, as this GoPro kiteline-mount selfie clearly illustrates. Balance, power, and a lovely selfie composition – this isn't your standard bathroom mirror shot.

A new perspective on kayaking

Dane Jackson takes an incredible selfie from the end of his paddle whilst kayaking in whitewater
Dane Jackson, spins, and shoots a selfie © Dane Jackson

Dane Jacksonis the king of freestyle kayaking. Here he gets inverted during a move called the air screw. Our question: how is that GoPro mounted?

Horacio Llorens looking at the long glide

Horacio Llorens takes a selfie whilst paragliding in Valle de Cauca, Colombia
Horacio Llorens going the distance... © Horacio Llorens

Horacio Llorens is mostly an acrobatic and freestyle pilot, but he's no stranger to adventure, either. He and fellow pilot Tom de Dorlodot flew cross-country across Colombia earlier this year.

King of the castle

Paraglider Horacio Llorens takes a selfie whilst flying over a castle in France
Storming the castle in France... © Horacio Llorens

As we mentioned earlier, Horacio Llorens and friends had an epic flying day swooping above the Peyrepertuse Castle in the French Pyrenees. This shot makes us wanna call Mr Llorens the King.

A green scene

An onboard selfie taken by a downhill mountain biker riding a trail in Iceland
Dropping into the line... © Andi Tillmann

Downhill biking is a blast – and even more fun with friends. Andi Tillmann scores the selfie (and his friend's bum) during a high-speed ripper.


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