8 amazing Iceland photos that will give you FOMO

The Nordic island nation is a destination like no other.
By Henry Johnstone

"Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere."

Iceland is a destination like no other, defined by surreal hot springs, beautiful waterfalls, stunning glaciers and deserted black-sand beaches. In the middle of June the Nordic island nation also boasts the summer solstice; which sees the whole country bathed in sunlight for three days straight.

It's the ultimate destination for adventure seekers or travelers seeking a holiday a little out of the ordinary. If you're contemplating your next trip, here are eight photos of Iceland that will be sure to instill a fear of missing out.


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Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon One of the most visited attractions in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is both a relaxing and surreal experience.
Black sand beaches
Black sand beaches Iceland's south shore boasts picturesque black sand beaches that are a photographer's dream.
24 hours of daylight
24 hours of daylight Believe it or not, this is Reykjavik just after midnight. During the far north's summer solstice the country is bathed in sunlight for three days straight, which makes for mind-bending sights like this.
Secret Solstice festival
Secret Solstice festival The other awesome thing about the summer solstice in Iceland? That's when the epic 3 day Secret Solstice festival is held.
Reykjavik street art
Reykjavik street art The Icelandic capital is best to explore on foot, because it means you'll run into an array impressive street art.
Suburban beauty
Suburban beauty The country is blessed with such natural beauty that even the view from your standard Reykjavik suburb is breathtaking.
Cool as ice glaciers
Cool as ice glaciers Monstrous glaciers are just one of the spectacular natural wonders you'll find on the South Shore Adventure tour.
Skógafoss waterfall
Skógafoss waterfall Speaks for itself really. Time to plan that trip to Iceland.