We’ve tested 6 of the world’s best zip slides

See our footage as we tried out some of the most exhilarating zip slides the world has to offer.
By Alison Mann

Whether it’s the highest, the longest, the steepest – these zip slides are some of the best you will find on planet earth. We just had to try them out! So whether you want to fly like superman, or have some near-misses with trees, get ready to feel the air rush past as you watch our footage of these super-fast, super-high zip slides.

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Longest in Canada

What: Ziptrek’s The Sasquatch
Where: Whistler, Canada
Why it’s awesome: It’s the longest in Canada and the US, spanning over 2km and reaches speeds of around 130kph

This line spans an incredible 2km over the spectacular scenery of Whistler. It can pick up pretty fast speeds, over 130kph has been recorded. At points riders are travelling 600ft above the ground. It was just opened in July this year!

Soar for 2km

What: Zip2000
Where: Sun City, South Africa
Why it’s awesome: It’s 2km long and reaches speeds of up to 160kph

Red Bull Motocross athlete Kerim Fitzgerald tried The Zip2000. It is one of the longest in the world, at 2km long and can reach an eye-watering 160kph. The highest speed ever recorded was 185kph.

The steepest line

What: Zipflyer
Where: Pokhara, Nepal
Why it’s awesome: It has an incline of 56 degrees, making it pretty steep – and therefore fast

The Zipflyer spans 1.8km and has a vertical drop of 600m. And for the speed freaks out there, it reaches speeds of up to 120kph. This is all set amongst spectacular Himalayan views at High Ground Adventures.

The fastest

What: Zip World Velocity
Where: Wales
Why it’s awesome: You can sore like superman at over 100mph

When you are thinking of Europe’s longest zipline, Wales isn’t perhaps the first location that would spring to mind! But the country offers a zipline which has a highest recorded speed of 191.5kph, making it the fastest in the world. Zip World is also home to an underground zip slide and a group of lines that make up the longest in Europe – 8km.

Fly like superman

What: Flying Fox
Where: New Zealand
Why it’s awesome: Unleash your inner Birdman at speeds of up to 100mph

Over 1km of zipline awaits participants on the Flying Fox and 175m above a river. Travelling at speeds of up to 160kph riders soar through the valley, then, go backwards!

The line through the trees

What: 7 Line Treetop Zip Tour
Where: Pi’iholo Ranch, Hawaii
Why it’s awesome: Soar amongst the trees

Above the trees in the Kahakapao Valley, soaring between seven separate ziplines. The ranch has a whole selection of zip tours, with another allowing riders to fly down 433m line to the base of Pi'iholo Hill then travel half a mile across some incredible island scenery.

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