Can you trade a Red Bull for a plane ticket?

Yes, that really happened. Check out the 10 best trades of Red Bull Can You Make It.
Teams get a running start for Red Bull Can You Make It
Best of Red Bull Can You Make it start © Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool
By Josh Sampiero

The best adventures are the ones that you didn’t plan. That’s the idea behind Red Bull Can You Make It – the world’s most epic real-life adventure contest. How does it work? Three-person teams are given 24 cans of Red Bull and one goal: make it from one of five different start points to the to-be-announced finishing line in exactly one week. (Hint: It’s somewhere in Europe.) The rules? Cash and no credit cards are not permitted – the only currency teams can use is cans of Red Bull.

So how much is a can of Red Bull worth? More than you think, it turns out. Check out these 10 incredible trades from last year – and start thinking about applying for Red Bull Can You Make It 2016.

1. Meeting a rap star

Team Red Thumb from Exeter University © Olaf Pignataro / Red Bull Content Pool

Cost: two cans
Distance traveled: 329km
Value of trade: B-list celebrity, A-list trade 

While attempting to trade for a four-star hotel in Bratislava, Red Thumb (UK) met Slovakian hip-hop rapper Ego, who hooked them up with dinner, train tickets to Prague and a ride to the station. You never know who you’ll bump into on the road.

2. Scoring a segway

Cost: two cans
Distance traveled: to Mum's bad side
Value of trade: priceless memories 

Would you get a tattoo? Better question: would you get a tattoo if all you had to pay was a can of Red Bull? For team Henga, it was a no-brainer – two of the team members, who were already sporting some ink, traded a couple cans for a lifetime-long reminder of their adventure across Europe.

4. Riding a rollercoaster

The famous Praterstern amusement park in Vienna, Austria
The famous rollercoaster in Vienna © Martin Bowker / Getty Images

Cost: one can
Distance traveled: approximately 400m, and 23m high – right back to where they started 
Value of trade: adrenalin levels pumped 

Team Urban Survivors scored quite the ride out of Vienna — on a rollercoaster! While it didn't get them far, it kicked off the trip with exactly the right vibe. 

5. Flying across Austria


A plane, on a map
A plane ride for three cans © Getty Images

Cost: three cans
Distance traveled: 380km 
Value of trade: approximately 2ml per km

Beach Bull Blondies got wings by trading three cans of Red Bull for a flight to Innsbruck from Vienna. They also convinced the Austrian Air staff to skateboard through the airport!

6. Hitchhiking a very long way

Cost: two cans
Distance traveled: 762km in the wrong direction
Value of trade: negative - Berlin was the OTHER way! 

Quirky Ky and the Terrible Two (US) managed to trade two cans of Red Bull in exchange for a hitchhiking on a Polish delivery truck all the way from Innsbruck, in Austria, to Rome, Italy. Then, apparently, they got to ride a chariot. 

7. Playing a crazy game of poker

Cost: the whole kit 'n’ kaboodle
Distance traveled: Not all the way to a full house
Value of trade: Well... 

Not technically a trade, but worth a mention: Party RCK (US) and The Polarbears (Sweden) played a high stakes game of poker and gambled with cans of Red Bull. It looks like Party RCK went into the game feeling a bit too confident and lost all their cans on a full-house flop.

7. Making memories of a lifetime


The portrait of Team Little Pink Prawns
The cost of this portrait? Two cans © George Service

Cost: two cans
Distance traveled: 0km
Value of trade: depends on the name of the artist 

Little Pink Prawns (UK) traded two cans for a team portrait in Budapest, Hungary. Worth it? You can't put a price on art, my friend. 

9. Travelling in style to Berlin

Cost: eight cans
Distance traveled:
Value of trade: Approximately €1000

Kekec (Slovenia) scored an impressive trade: a luxury dinner, a hotel room and a ride to the airport for a flight from Linz, in Austria, to Berlin, Germany – all for eight cans of Red Bull.

10. Securing tickets to a big football match

Cost: three cans
Distance traveled: 0 km
Value of trade: Once-in-a-lifetime football match

Team Innsbrooklyn (Austria) traded three cans of Red Bull for three tickets to the Champions League football clash between Bayern Munich and Manchester United. (For those who don't know much about football: this is a very good deal.)

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