What to expect from the 2016 Red Bull Dinghy Derby

    With an all new class and ninety plus boats, the 2016 Red Bull Dinghy Derby is not to be missed!
By Kyle Bullock

The 2016 Red Bull Dinghy is shaping up to be the biggest in the event's thirty six year history.

With over ninety boats registered to compete and an all new 30HP 'rookies' class this Sunday's derby will be one to remember.

Riverland Dinghy Derby 2015 © Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool

If you're unfamiliar with the Dinghy Derby, it's pretty simple. Over ninety heavily modified 'average' fishing boats, capable of pushing upwards of 80km/h on water, through creeks and river systems barely wide enough for the boat itself and perilously close to rocks, logs and riverbanks making it not only one of the most unique motorsports in the world, but also the most exciting.

Riverland Dinghy Derby 2015 - Winners © Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool

With 2015 champions the Fitzner brothers looking to go back-to-back and multiple times runner-up Matt Thur hot on their heels and the return of a few Derby legends in Scott Jenke and John Chigross the 2016 Derby is anyone's the win, or lose.

The 2016 Red Bull Dinghy Derby will take place at 10am, Sunday February 7 in Renmark, South Australia. For more info head to redbull.com.au/dinghyderby.

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