12 dizzyingly high POV shots you need to see

Upside down, walking over precarious bridges and falling from 10,000m – check out these POV shots.
By Alison Mann

Most of us are never going to BASE jump onto a beach. Or skydive from 10,000m for that matter.

And really, we don’t have to. With these incredibly high POV shots you can feel like you were there. Don’t get too dizzy!

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1. Upside down

Horacio Llorens performs during the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal over the valley of Roldanillo, Colombia on January 16th, 2
Upside down © Camilo Rozo/Red Bull Content Pool

Horacio Llorens gets in a spin during the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal in 2013.

2. Ice climbing

David Lama climbs in Chamonix, France on April 3rd, 2013
David Lama climbs in Chamonix © Peter Ortner/Red Bull Content Pool

David Lama from the view of Peter Ortner as they climbed in Chamonix, in 2013.

3. Don’t drop your sandwiches

Don't look down pov shot from Travis Burke
Don't look down © Travis Burke Photography

It’s a classic. Looking over a waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii.

4. In a spin

POV water ramping shot from Dylan James Ferguson
Crazy angles from Dylan James Ferguson © Dylan James Ferguson

When water ramping and GoPro meet.

5. View of… the earth!

Soul Flyers Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet perform during The Ultimate Skydiving Combo, skydiving from 33 000 feet (10 km) high.
View of the Earth! © DomDaher/Red Bull Content Pool

It was called the Ultimate Skydiving Combo for a reason – Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet jumped from 10,000m over Mt Blanc.

6. Don’t slip

POV Bridge crossing from Travis Burke
Sketchy © Travis Burke Photography

Photographer Travis Burke locked in concentration crossing this pretty sketchy bridge.

7. View from above

Cedric Dumont in Sarajevo, 2008
Long way down © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

Cedric Dumont BASE jumping in Sarajevo.

8. Climber’s eye view

Stefan Glowacz climbing the Acopan Tepui
Stefan Glowacz climbing the Acopan Tepui © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Content Pool

What a view – Stefan Glowacz as he climbs Acopan Tepui, Venezuela.

9. Soaring back to earth

Fred Fugen seen from Vincent Reffet's perspective flying along the Mont Blanc during The Ultimate Skydiving Combo.
Paragliding pair © DomDaher/Red Bull Content Pool

They had to land somehow. Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen paraglide back to earth after that incredibly high skydive.

10. That’s one way to get to the beach


BASE jumping in Zakynthos, Greece, shot by Kontizas Dimitrios
A beach base jump © Kontizas Dimitrios/Red Bull Illume Image Quest

This vertigo-inducing image was part of Red Bull Illume 2013. The international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports is back for 2016 and submissions are now open.

11. Inside a crevasse

Looking up inside a glacier
Looking up © Jason Zabriskie

It's POV, but upside down as Jason Zabriskie stares up a cravass.

12. What a view

Paragliding image entered in Red Bull Illume 2013
Looks like fun © Pierre Augier/Red Bull Illume Image Quest

Check out the view in this image, which was also part of Red Bull Illume 2013.


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