How to travel the world with almost no money

Travelling the world with almost no cash is possible. This TEDx Talk explains how. Giddy up.
© Moyan Brenn
By Oliver Pelling

"You don't have to be rich to travel," says 30-year-old travel writer Tomislav Perko at the beginning of his TEDx Talk.

It's a big call. Any of us who have ever gone for a walkabout in a foreign land know full well how quickly the costs add up. Flights, accommodation, food, activities, guides, postcards, the obligatory tokenistic purchase for your most-loved family member: travel is undeniably expensive.

And yet, in his 20-minute speech to a captivated - and presumably perplexed - audience, Perko highlights how with just a dash of ingenuity, a smidgen of good fortune and a solid helping of trust in the kindness of strangers, we can all hit the road for next to nothing. 

Watch, take notes, then quit your day job and get out there.

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