This man rode a postie bike from Sydney to London

Nathan Millward decided he was going to travel from Sydney to London. On a postie bike.
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Travelling overland from Sydney to London is one thing. Travelling overland from Sydney to London on a postie bike with just $2000 and three days' planning is another thing entirely.

And yet, that's just what British man Nathan Millward did. Having lived in Sydney for nine months, he decided - on a Thursday - to call it quits and head home. He packed what little he had onto the back of his postie bike and left that Saturday.

This 14-minute documentary is perhaps one of the most honest illustrations of what life on the road is really like. It isn't just a rose-tinted travelogue of how wonderful the world is - it shows hardship, it shows struggle and it raises a few questions about the act of travel itself.

So grab some popcorn, an open mind and sit back as Millward takes you along for the ride.

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