These guys found the 20 coolest tent pitches

From pitching up on a ledge, to the Sahara desert – these images will make you want to get outdoors.
By Alison Mann

Finding the perfect place to pitch your tent takes time. But these guys have got it down to an art. They’ve pitched up everywhere, from the perfect look-out point to a lush green mountainside. We've picked up the best of the best tent scenes. So scroll down, take a look at these perfect pitches and feel inspired – you’ll be dreaming of your next camping trip by the end.

1. Get the best view point

Camping at the high camp on Mount Shuksan, Washington State
High camp, Mount Shuksan, Washington State © Andrew Holman

When you can pitch up anywhere and get the best view – like this set-up in at Mount Shuksan, Washington, USA.

2. Grab your sleeping bag

A tent view at Cutthroat Pass, Washington State USA
Cutthroat Pass view © Scott Kranz

An amazing view to wake up to, at Cutthroat Pass in North America's Washington State.

3. Pitch up on a ledge

Camping on a ledge in San Diego, California
Out on a ledge in California © Travis Burke

It’s precarious, but awesome – this photograph was taken near San Diego, California.

4. Camp right by the water

Camping view in Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon views © Travis Burke

Get the perfect location for a morning swim in Oregon, USA.

5. Pitch up in the desert after a bike ride

Image showing a tent pitched in the Sahara Desert, Egypt
Camping in the Sahara desert, Egypt © Nicolás Marino

Camping in the Sahara Desert has its perks.

6. Sleep under snow

Image showing two tents under snow  Camping under snow iabout 4600m high in Amdo province on the n the Tibetan Plateau
Camping under snow in the Tibetan Plateau © Nicolás Marino

This photo was taken at an altitude of about 4,600m in Amdo province, on the Tibetan Plateu, by Nicholás Marino as he travelled the world on his bike.

7. Don’t look down

Stefan Glowacz enjoying the great view in the morning.
Stefan Glowacz - Lifestyle © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Illume

Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper during their expedition on Baffin Island’s Buchan Gulf, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. This image was part of international photography contest, Red Bull Illume.

8. Get cosy with an epic view

A tent view at Summit Lake, Washington State USA
Pitching up at Summit Lake, Washington State © Scott Kranz

Spectacular scenes at Summit Lake in North America's Washington State.

9. Camp in a cave

Camping under the stars and in a cave in Escalante, Utah
Cave camping in Escalante, Utah © Travis Burke

Looking for the Big Dipper in Escalante, Utah, USA.

10. Suspend your tent above water

A Tentsile Trillium tent set up over water in Oahu, Hawaii
Using a Tentsile Trillium in Oahu, Hawaii © Travis Burke

Who says you need some ground to pitch a tent? Check out the Tentsile Trillium, hung over water in Oahu, Hawaii.

11. Enjoy the sunset

An image showing  a man camping at the Enchantments, Washington State
Camping at the Enchantments, Washington State © Scott Kranz

Taking in the sunset at The Enchantments, Washington State, USA.

12. Surround yourself with green mountains

Image showing a tent pitched in Northern Ethiopia, alongside some bikes.
All green in Northern Ethiopia © Nicolás Marino

This looks like the kind of place you might see a Hobbit, but this picture was actually taken in Ethiopia, not The Shire.

13. Check out this extreme set-up

Mount Everest Base Camp on April 23rd, 2013
A full set-up at Everest Base Camp © Denis Klero/Red Bull Content Pool

This is the temporary basecamp that was built for when Valery Rozov BASE-jumped from Mount Everest.

14. Take time to look at the stars

Camping under the Milky Way at Summit Lake, Washington State
Under the Milky Way by Summit Lake © Scott Kranz

Catch the Milky Way at Summit Lake, Washington State, USA.

15. Pitch up in your own rock fortress

Camping amid the rocks at Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington State
Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington State © Scott Kranz

Feel like a King at the Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington State, USA.

16. Pitch up by a river

17. Best for those who don’t sleepwalk

18. View of Mount Fuji? Yes please

19. Yosemite camping

20. Beauty at night

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