You've never seen SUP like this before

Stand up paddle boarding in -21 degrees temperatures? Sure. Why not.
© Fanatic International
By Red Bull Australia

When you think of stand up paddle boarding, you likely think of warm days, peaceful beaches, relaxing waterways and cool breezes.

What you likely don't think of is undertaking SUP in -21 degrees conditions. That is, unless you're the folks from Fanatic International.

Yes, for these SUP pros, the usual conditions associated with their chosen pasttime weren't, well, cold enough. So they made tracks for Norway - where they experienced only three hours of daylight a day - and put together this incredible video.

Whether or not it's enough to encourage you to search for icier climes next time you grab your board is debatable, but there's no debating the beautiful footage that came out of this particular adventure. Just wow.

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