How can you make every day an adventure?

For this travel filmmaker, his own backyard provided the perfect setting for the trip of a lifetime.
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We're often drawn to far-flung, exotic destinations for our adventure fix. But filmmaker Sebastian Linda contends that, actually, exploring your hometown can be just as exhilarating.

It's an interesting point - the idea that an adventure depends more on a frame of mind than an event, destination or set of circumstances. To that end, we have the ability to make everything an adventure. A trip to the supermarket? An epic quest through the Castle of Consumerism. A visit to the dentist? A battle of wits with Dr. Strangetooth. Riding your bike to work? A noble odyssey through strange lands. Ahem. You get the gist.

We had a word with Sebastian to find out a little more about his stay-at-home adventure philosophy.

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Sebastian Linda. I am living in Dresden, Germany and I love to put ideas into moving pictures.

How long have you been filmmaking for?

Since I was 12. So it will be 20 years this year! Wow. Can´t believe that.

Where did the idea for 'Travel Where You Live' come from?

After I came home from several journeys, I felt that I was not living the same life I did on the journey. Very often people tell you that everything is better in other countries. I put this to the test and tried to live [at home] as if I was on a journey.

Had you always wanted to explore your hometown more?

Not always. There is that point where you think. I´ve seen it all. I can stay at home until my next holiday. So I went out again and again, challenging my perspective in new ways.

The film is about trying to live every day and treat every location like it's an adventure - what do you think living that way can add to people's lives

I think people can gain the feeling of freedom and joy from that adventure. It´s not about the location, but about the perspective to challenge yourself in everyday life.

Do you think the film would have worked so well if you weren't from such a good-looking place?

Oh, that´s a good question. Well the film itself is supported by the state of Saxony in Germany, which is super beautiful and diverse.
But I think yes: It would work anywhere. It could even work in a smaller space, like the place I am living at. It is just a little harder, but: Possible!

Do you think we take our hometowns for granted, generally speaking?

Absolutely. We take for granted that we are probably born in one of the best and richest regions in the world. And we expect it to stay that way. I think we should be more grateful from an historic perspective alone. So much conflicts have been fought that brought us into our nearly-civilized western world we are living in today.

How long did the filming and editing take?

Two weeks of filming. One month of editing.

What are you working on now? What's next?

I work on something that will try to answer these exact questions  in a filmic way, taking the next step!

Check out more of Sebastian's clips on Vimeo.

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