See these guys do a 30m dive off Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river – a wonder of the world. Another wonder? These guys survived.
By Gunther Geist

Victoria Falls – one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and with good reason. Over 1,000 cubic metres per second come tumbling over its ledge, making it the biggest curtain of water in the world. So it would only make sense that Orlando Duque – who has leapt off the Statue of Liberty and sprung from the branches of giant trees in the Amazon – would want to take his sport to this incredible natural stage.

See Victoria Falls from above

Twice the height of Niagara, and a stunning 1.7km across, the world’s biggest falling sheet of water offers an impressive backdrop. While he won’t leap from the top (108m, far beyond a safe distance to jump for any human), he and partner Jonathan Paredes will attempt to dive from 30m – almost a 10-storey building. Paredes had never jumped from that height before – and Duque himself hadn’t done it in 10 years.

And how did they get to that 30m ledge to jump off of? It wasn't easy

The ascent to adventure

It was certainly no walk in in the park. Wet and slippery from the waterfall mist, a mis-step could mean big trouble. Once situated on the jump exit, Duque and Paredes had to do only one thing – leap.

A little good-luck dance

You can understand why there's a little bit of trepidation – this is a scary, wild place for a cliff dive! Of course, that's not going to stop Orlando.

1… 2… 3… jump!

Did we mention they’d be jumping into a swirling river of currents, foaming rapids, and oh, yeah, 3m-long crocodiles? After all, that’s what you’d find in the Zambezi. Watch the video above to find out more, and keep an eye out for the upcoming documentary on Red Bull TV, on April 26.

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