The most beautiful place you've never heard of

Prepare to be blown away by this filmmakers interpretation of Sharjah.
© Michael Beech
By Red Bull Australia

We'll excuse you for never having heard of Sharjah. This state of the United Arab Emirates isn't known for being splashed across the pages of travel magazines and websites. But in this short clip, filmmaker Michael Beech makes a pretty convincing argument for the place. 

And in fact, Sharjah is no shrinking violet. UNESCO declared it the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998 and Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014. That's no small deal.

Produced for the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry in conjuntion with production company Qissa, Beech uncovers the landscapes, communities, cuisine, religion, nature and wildlife of the state. And he does it all in beautifully shot and immaculately edited high definition.

All up, the clip took two weeks of shooting and two weeks of editing to complete. Beech used a Canon C100 for most of the shooting as well as a Phantom 3 drone, a Sony FS700 and a Canon 5D MKII. 

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