5 imaginary products to make life more adventurous

Because everyday life has a habit of slipping into the routine.
Look at all that adventure © Moyan Brenn
By Oliver Pelling

For most of us, tasked with things like ‘jobs’ and our eight (or more) hour a day commitment to them, our adventures perhaps don’t form as much a part of our everyday lives as we’d have hoped when we were kids.

And what with technology constantly striving to ensure we rarely find ourselves out of our comfort zone, it can be tough to get even a sniff of adventure between our chunks of annual leave (unless you’ve got a killer caving spot or some white water rapids near your workplace).
Even the weekends – pregnant with the promise of adventure – are often spent on menial ‘life admin’, family and friend commitments or – the worst of the lot – being hungover.

In the spirit of “grabbing every day by the balls”, we’ve come up with five imaginary products that would help make everyday life more adventurous.

1. A car that is guaranteed to break down once

Because the beautiful thing about road trips is the serendipity they afford you, and the rubbish thing about modern cars is they’re so comfortable and reliable you barely notice you’re having an adventure. So this car, modern and comfortable as it is, comes guaranteed from the manufacturer to break down once.

Before you get worried about breaking down in a dodgy part of town, it features built-in GPS to ensure that it breaks down in a place of immense natural beauty, and has all the camping gear you need hidden in the boot with the spare tyre. To enjoy this one fully, cancel your roadside assistance before purchasing the car.

2. UnMaps

This one’s simple: you choose your length of drive, walk or cycle (one hour, two hour, two days, one week) and UnMaps finds the most scenic round trip and sends you on it. You don’t do anything except input the length of your trip. Pair this one with a car that is guaranteed to break down once, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a fine adventure.

3. Sick Dave

Ever taken a sick day despite not really being sick? Ever wished you had someone to hang out with on that sick day whilst all of your hard-working mates are at work? Sick Dave is your man. Taking the form of an Uber-like app, you open it up and request a Sick Dave. Within minutes, Sick Dave will arrive and take you off on an adventure that looks something like a cross between a Bear Gryll’s TV show and Ferris Bueller’s day off. The best part? Sick Dave is fully sick.

4. Ikeadventures

Remember being a kid and spending hours and hours at the park? We learned how to use monkey bars, climb rope nets, conquer slides with no fear, use swings and so on – what moron decided that these are skills we shouldn’t take into adult life with us?

Ikeadventures is an entirely fictional company that specialises in selling flat-pack adventure products for the modern home and office. You can turn your stairs into a slide, install a zip-wire on your balcony, set up a rope net to reach your bedroom and more. Not only will you be keeping fit, you’ll be making everyday movements more exciting. When was the last time you walked down some stairs and thought: “Oh yeah! That was fun”?

5. Serependipidice

Two dice, multiple ways to get into adventures, and you must follow what the dice tell you to do. Kind of like a Ouiji board but not creepy and weird. The first dice will have six things to do, whilst the second will have six different ways to do it.

For example, you might roll "Cycle somewhere you've never been" on one dice, whilst the other dice says "For four hours". Or you might roll "Go skydiving, right now" on one, whilst the other says "With the 7th person in your phone book". You get the point.


Now, here's the kicker: despite these all being fictional products (for now at least), we can actually choose to make our everyday lives more adventurous right now. We can go places we've never been, eat things we've never eaten, meet people we've never met and do things we've never done any day of the week. They may only be small adventures, but they add up. You only live once, and all that jazz. 

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