Weekday wanderlust: adventures in Iran

Should Iran be on your bucket list? This video should help you decide.
© Mandy Tay
By Red Bull Australia

There are to different versions of Iran. The first is the version you hear about in the media. The second is the version you hear about from people who have travelled there.

The two versions are wildly different. One, a stubborn state hell bent on threatening world peace and the western world as we know it (the severity of the diagnosis depends on which papers you read). The other, a beautifully calm country full of kind people who welcome travellers with intrigue and open arms.

Whatever version you buy in to, a trip to Iran is sure to reward adventurers with a bounty of pleasant surprises. In fact, Lonely Planet claim that Iran just might be the “most rewarding destination on Earth.” That’s a big claim.

Thanks to this video from filmmaker Mandy Tay, filmed during a two-week trip she took through Iran, you can gain a glimpse into this enigmatic country from the comfort of your own home. You can then book a ticket and pack your bags from the comfort of your own home, too. Isn’t modern technology great?

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