These guys take their tiny houses on adventures

Catch up with the Tiny House Movement thatโ€™s currently sweeping the states and even further afield.
By Alison Mann

The Tiny House Movement has swept America and is catching on in other countries across the world. The aim is to live a simpler life – fewer possessions, a greener footprint and reduced outgoings.

It sounds like a dream and comes with another added bonus: having a tiny house means you could up and leave whenever you want and take your home with you!

Get ready to feel some wanderlust as you check out these awesome tiny houses that can go wherever their owners take them.

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1. The long-term travellers

Who: Tiny House Giant Journey
About the house: The house covers 11.5 square metres and contains a loft, windows, tiny porch and all the necessities inside.
Where have they been: Jenna and Guillaume quit their careers to pursue a minimalist lifestyle. They built a tiny house and hit the road. They’ve travelled all over America and Canada. They run the successful blog Tiny House Giant Journey which gives details on their travels as well as information about the tiny houses of others and practical advice.

2. The statement project

The tiny house used by Paying gas, not rent in Haines, Alaska
Paying gas, not rent in Haines, Alaska © Pay Gas Not Rent

Who: Kelly and Curtiss
About the house: These guys converted a utility trailer themselves. It covers 9.1 square metres, is solar powered and they even managed to squeeze in a shower! They detail their story on their blog.
Where have they been: Kelly and Curtiss want to prove they can spend the same amount of money travelling across North America as they could on paying rent in one place. 

3. The house that floats


Loving the new mooring spot!! #on_the_canal

A photo posted by Amy Ward (@teacupamy) on

Who: Amy Ward 
About the house: A little different to the others, this is a canal boat kitted out with everything you need to live. The owner didn't have to build it herself, but does a lot of DIY inside which she highlights on her instagram page.
Where has she been: She travels in the English countryside with her partner, docking in canals. Check her out on Instagram.

4. The art hous

Who: Nya Alana
About the house: A super-cute wooden cottage, with lots of character. A large van is used to transport the house from place to place – a typical way of moving tiny houses.
Where has she been: She is currently in Colorado after travelling through the US.

5. The tiny house movie

A photgoraph of the tiny house expedition tiny house
The tiny house on its expedition © Christian Parsons Photography

Who: Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons
About the house: They built the house mainly by themselves. It comes in at just under 13 square metres and made mostly of reclaimed wood.
Where have they been: The couple are travelling all over America documenting their journey. They're also filming other tiny house owners as they go. They have lots of great videos and information about the project on their blog, Tiny House Expedition.

6. The tiny house athlete

Who: Tom DeDorlodot
About the house: Still under construction
What’s the plan: Paraglider Tom DeDorlodot is currently building a tiny house with a plan to travel round Europe in it. Check out his progress on instagram.

7. The best little house in Texas

Who: Cody and Randi Hennigan
About the house: It covers about 16 square metres was built by the couple who were looking for a more sustainable life.
Where have they been: They are on the road in the US and looking for places to park. They also run a website.

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