Weekday wanderlust: Portrait of Greenland

The epitome of beauty.
© Of Two Lands
By Red Bull Australia

You don't find too many people that have travelled to Greenland. Sure, it's easy to find people who are aware of the Greenland's beauty, but finding people who've actually visited isn't so easy.

Good, then, that the filmmaking team 'Of Two Lands' travelled to Greenland and made this video. You'll soon find it more than makes up for the lack of travel tales we hear from our fellow explorers.

"Our time exploring this beautiful and unique part of the world was filled with amazing and unforgettable experiences," say the filmmaking duo of the clip on their Vimeo page. "From sailing under the midnight sun, hiking along the icefjord or whale spotting in the early morning, we feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to visit."

And we feel very privileged to be able to soak up this beautiful clip. Better apply for that annual leave now then...

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