Beautiful, relaxing, Australia: a timelapse video

Plug in, tune out, soak it up.
© Eddie Peter Hobson
By Red Bull Australia

Australia is called the Lucky Country for many reasons. We don't know exactly what all those reasons are, or who came up with the name, but we do know that this timelapse video by Eddie Peter Hobson contains at least some of these reasons.

From the wildlife to the wineries, the country to the city, the beaches to the rainforests and everything inbetween: Hobson leaves no stone unturned. The journey to film 'Made in Australia' saw the filmmaker travel some 43,000 kilometres via car, sea and air, and the length and breadth of these travels - and of Australia itself - is evident in this footage.

The result is a visually stunning and instantly calming postcard of all Australia has to offer those who go out and explore it. The variety of landscapes is phenomenal, as are the colours, shapes and inhabitants of those landscapes.

This clip is part of a larger project of Hobson's dubbed 'Capture the World', through which the ambitious filmmaker hopes to stitch together timelapse footage from as many corners of the globe as he possibly can. The release date, according to his Facebook page, is December 2016, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, hit play and prepare to be hypnotised by the time-lapsed wonders of Australia.

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