Watch nature deliver thousands of miles from land

Warning: After seeing nature this beautiful, you might want to quit your job and start sailing.
By Corinna Halloran

The middle of the ocean is a very special place filled with a wild beauty. A beauty so dramatic and fantastical, it almost seems surreal. With no land for thousands of miles, Mother Nature really comes alive, whether it’s with a thunder and lightning storm that shakes you to the core, or a sunrise so vivid it looks more like a painting.

During the Volvo Ocean Race, which covers over 40,000 nautical miles around the world, the sailors experience nature at its best. For these men and women, it’s like living in a nature film, every day, for nine months. Offshore, it becomes common to see wild dolphins race the boat and albatrosses soar through the steep waves of the Southern Ocean.

Nature, of course, can be pretty harsh on the sailors; too much sun can result in gnarly sunburns, too much salt water means cuts don’t heal, boats can break in too much wind, and without any wind boats do not move. At times, the 24-hour nature channel can get old, especially when you’ve gone weeks on end without real food, good coffee, a shower, nor a stationary bed. “Oh great, another beautiful sunrise,” (said with sarcasm) actually becomes a common phrase heard at sunup.

Then, just when you think you’ve hit your maximum, 'another beautiful sunrise' pops over the horizon and the light presents the world in a new, magical way, and, suddenly, everything syncs together. It’s at that point, when nature delivers and her beauty rivals anything else on Earth.

Have you started packing your bags yet? You might want to hold off once you see the ocean as hot as a desert.

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