Lofoten: Norway's lesser-known superstar in 4K

This stunning clip will make you wish it didn't take you this long to find out about Lofoten.
© Dennis Schmelz
By Red Bull Australia

There are parts of the world that are well-known for being beautiful, there are parts of the world that aren't well-known for being beautiful, and there are parts of the world that aren't well known at all. Confused? Same.

The point is that Lofoten, an archipelago off the north-east(ish) coast of Norway, isn't that well known and is likely one of the most beautiful places on earth. And for German filmmaker Dennis Schmelz, 4K was the only way to capture this stunning slice of land.

Employing the use of a drone, Dennis sets out to bottle up all of the natural wonder of this magical spot has on offer. And in our humble opinion, he does a damn fine job of it.

Lofoten offers a slew of activites for adventurous types, too. For a start, it's a hot spot for fishing, skiing, hiking, scuba diving and kayaking. It's also one of the world's northernmost outposts for surfing, would you believe it.

Accomodation-wise, Lofoten is renowned for it's Rorbu - old fishermans' cabins converted into boutique accommodation. Oh, and depending on the time of year you visit, you can also take in the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Not a bad haul.

Sit back, relax and take in the wonders of Lofoten. Then start planning your trip.

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