Visual poetry: the simple beauty of Bhutan

This isn't wanderlust. It's meander-lust.
© Clemens Purner
By Red Bull Australia

Whilst most travel videos tend to stay fairly close to the tried and true formula of inspirational imagery set against a euphoric soundtrack, there are filmmakers out there who prefer to stray from the path a little. Clemens Purner is one such filmmaker.

In this film, named simply 'Bhutan', Purner stitches together a fabric of very ordinary Bhutanese scenes: there are monks reading, ceiling fans turning, people fixing cars, a horse wandering down a deserted street, a cockerel just...standing there. 

These aren't clips that have been captured with the intention of showcasing Bhutan's most incredible or exciting drawcards for travellers, nor is this video designed to display a particularly technical or overtly stylised way of filmmaking.

These are clips that simply capture the minutae - mundanity even - of everyday life in Bhutan. And yet, the two minute ditty is undeniably stunning in its realness. There's no sense of pomposity in the editing, no dramatic rise and fall in the music designed to elicit a particular emotion in the viewer. It's just Bhutan, plain and simple. And despite the stripped-back approach, Purner still manages to take you on an adventure.

Get comfortable and let Clemens Purner take you somewhere else with this piece of visual poetry. Then book a flight and meander through Bhutan yourself.

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