8 of the most adventurous dogs of Instagram

#Dogsofinstagram: We meet the pooches who've got the travel bug – and the ‘awww’ factor.
#Dogsofinstagram © Compilation by James Hines
By Sarah Gibbons

Think you’re adventurous? Then you need to check out the globetrotting lives that a new group of social media savvy dogs are leading. These intrepid pooches not only spend their days exploring the great outdoors (or should we say ‘outpaws’) – they have thousands of Instagram followers to boot. Here are some of the best accounts to check out. Warning: may cause immediate wanderlust.

Loki the Wolfdog @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous Instadogs, with his account already followed by a whopping one million followers to date. It’s not hard to see why. This photogenic, snow-loving wolfdog is more adventurous than most humans, and loves nothing more than camping out in the wilderness of western America with owner Kelly Lund (especially when it includes a good snooze in a hammock).

Follow their adventures at @loki_the_wolfdog.

Aspen @aspenthemountainpup

This handsome Golden Retriever from Colorado has captured the hearts of Instagrammers across the globe after starring in awe-inspiring snaps from his travels in the US and Canada. Handy that his owners, Hunter and Sarah Lawrence, are photographers. According to Hunter, as well as long hikes, Aspen loves snow-sledging and canoeing, and is more than happy to pose for action shots – even mid canoe-ride.

Follow their story @aspenthemountainpup.

Akiak @akiakthehusky

Norway-based Akiak is a Husky with a nose for adventures. Alongside owner Henrik Vikse, the duo explore all over Scandinavia camping and trail running. The spectacular Northern Lights are a regular feature on their envy-inducing Instagram feed.

Follow their snowy adventures @akiakthehusky.

Kahlua @trevortakesphotos

Intrepid pooch Kahlua – a two and a half year old Catahoula Leopard Dog – is currently road-tripping across the US with photographer owner Trevor DeHaas, who packed in his job at a Pennsylvanian mortgage investment company in favour of the wanderlust-filled life on the road. Kahlua has already paddled down Lake Powell in Colorado and hiked through Coyote Buttes North in Arizona, with much more to come.

Follow their adventures at @trevortakesphotos.

Max @alisontravels

Six years ago, photographer Alison Turner went to the farmer's market for strawberries and ended up with adorable Max. These days, they are living life on the road in a campervan, exploring all over the US. Max loves nothing more than running along a beach on the Oregon Coast, and loves discovering new places (and smells!).

Follow their journey @alisontravels.

Claire @alicevankempen

Claire the Bull Terrier accompanies Dutch photographer owner Alice van Kempen on her travels across Europe – including Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands – in pursuit of her passion for urban exploring. Alice specialises in finding amazing abandoned buildings and setting up fantastical photographs starring Claire.

See their photos @alicevankempen.

Momo @andrewknapp

Momo the intrepid Border Collie – who loves a bit of hide and seek – can usually be found gallivanting around the globe with owner Andrew Knapp in their VW bus. Their Instagram snaps get thousands of likes and has led to a series of bestselling ‘Find Momo’ hide-and-seek photography books.

Follow their adventures @andrewknapp.

Miami @miami_traveller_dog

Miami is a miniature Italian Chihuahua that has big adventures (and a taste for the high life). Often found in his trademark red hoodie, Miami is always happy to pose for snaps for owner Marianna and the tiny traveller’s recent trips include Arizona and a luxury holiday in Santorini.

Follow their adventures @Miami_traveller_dog

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