90 seconds of incredible drone climbing shots

We’ve collected some of our most spectacular drone footage of climbing – prepare to be wowed.
By Corinna Halloran

Scaling great heights means going to places that few have ever gone to before (especially if you’re afraid of heights). However, thanks to drones, amazing climbing locations like Patagonia, the French Alps, Austria, and south-west USA can be brought straight to your lap.

Smaller (and quieter) than a helicopter, drones can easily climb great heights alongside top climbers and mountain climbers to show you the beauty of the world’s most pristine places above sea level – the mountains.


Drones provide a unique angle for small films and productions that otherwise would not have aerial shots. In the past, if you wanted epic footage from the sky, you were looking at emptying the bank account by hiring a helicopter with the capabilities to shoot high-resolution footage. Now, with small drones, you can grab aerials from places you might never have thought possible before. Furthermore, they’re 98 percent quieter than a massive helicopter, allowing Ja-In Kim and David Lama to really stay in the zone and enjoy nature.



Also, all of a sudden, you can gain incredible perspective on the mountains’ scale. Zoom in and have a cool over-the-shoulder angle, zoom out and you see just how tiny Peter Ortner is next to these sleeping giants. This variation in shots really can bring action sports videos to the next level – as a viewer you see the sport differently.

Drones are also easy to use and light, while simultaneously providing beautiful imagery. With most drones shooting in HD or 4K, these days there is no need to make sacrifices with quality. Which is ideal when you’re climbing in jaw-dropping locations. Plus, with drones easy to operate at a manageable size, the person climbing next to you can operate the drone while you navigate your way up the rock’s face.



We could give a million reasons why you need to bring a drone with you next time you scale a massive mountain, or you could just watch the above video again and get the coolest perspective on climbing.

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