Adventure of the week: a New Zealand family trip

The team at Makai Creative prove that the kids can come on adventures, too.
© Makai Creative
By Red Bull Australia

It's fair to say that having kids is commonly viewed as a death knell for adventures. Once kids arrive on the scene, the idea of chucking everything in a backpack and going out in search of The Big Stoke becomes a lot less practical.

But, as this awesome clip from Makai Creative illustrates, it's perfectly possible to get out into the big wide world with the little'uns in tow. And instead of hampering the quest for wanderlust, children can actually make an adventure that much more meaningful. After all, you'll be seeing the world through their bright young eyes too.

This family of five chose New Zealand as their adventure destination - presumably lured in by the wide open-road and movie-worthy landscapes (perhaps also by the fact that there are no nasty critters lurking down there).

Even more impressive than mangaging the logistics of travelling with three kids is the fact that they also managed to shoot this incredible short film at the same time. That's some serious multi-tasking right there.

And that's why this clip is our Adventure of the Week. Not because it's an adrenaline-charged journey into the unknown; but simply because it goes to show that with a bit of planning and preparation, nothing - not even kids - can get in the way of a good old fashioned adventure.

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