Feel the speed of windsurfing in 1 minute of GoPro

42-time world champion Björn Dunkerbeck takes you on a very fast GoPro ride on his windsurf board!
By Dominique Granger

How does it feel to go at a speed of over 70kph on a windsurf board? Not many people have the chance to live it in real life, but Björn Dunkerbeck's one of them. At 46 years old, the athlete with the most world titles, all sports included, proves that he's still got it and just won the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge, an official ISWC speed windsurfing championship held at the Matas Blanca beach of Costa Calma, Pajara, on the Canary Island Fuerteventura, finishing with a speed of 38.49 knots (71.21 kph) over 250m: Bjorn is definitely a good choice to take us on a speedy GoPro ride!

Get your feet in the straps, hands tight on the boom and get ready to rip over water in the GoPro clip above!

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