Adventure of the Week: trail running in Hong Kong

You've never seen this side of Hong Kong before.
© Robin Lee
By Red Bull Australia

Some people run trails to keep fit. Others do it for fun. But for Robin Lee, running trails is more than just fitness or fun, it's an escape.

At some point during his training (he's looking to take part in ultra-marathons), Lee wanted to share his escapism - and the unexpected beauty of his home, Hong Kong - with the rest of the world. So he decided to make 'Why I Run'. Shot, edited and run himself, the clip shows both Lee's dedication to his sport and the natural wonder of HK - the perfect setting to escape .

"Anyone that lives in Hong Kong knows that finding clear, un-polluted and colourful weather is hard to come by, so to find these moments, this film project took us a year to complete," says Lee on his Vimeo page. "But when these days do arrive, there is nowhere is the world quite like Hong Kong. Its famous skyline is what has made Hong Kong so well known...but what people don't know is that 40% of HK consists of country parks and nature reserves and that you can find spectacular views and trails only 20 minutes from the city. It was our goal to showcase the other side of HK."

Watch the clip for yourself and escape the daily grind with the help of the Hong Kong hills..

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