This 4000km adventure was powered ONLY by Red Bull

These students made it all the way around Australia by just trading cans of Red Bull. You can too!
The checkered flag © Christian Miller
By Eric Franks

Imagine grabbing your best uni mates and seeing how far you could get around Australia using ONLY cans of Red Bull as currency? No cash. No credit cards. Just cans.

For participants of Red Bull Can You Make It Australia, that’s the challenge laid down. And with applications now open to enter this year’s competition, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane with the help of 2014’s winning team, The 3 Pigs. Here’s Rhys, Dan and Jack’s tale of triumph. Take notes!

Blast off!

“The story goes like this: no less than 30 seconds after darting off the start line we ran into New South Wales Origin legend Bryan Fletcher. After telling him what we were up to, he was more than happy to give us a lift to our first checkpoint for two cans of Red Bull. We were off to a good start.

And they're off! © Christian Miller

Going places

Our second trade of the trip happened right after we completed our first checkpoint. We met this legend at a bus stop and he bought us three bus tickets from the University of New South Wales to Central in Sydney for only one can of Red Bull.

Arriving in Sydney, we were struck with a harsh reality: if we had any chance of getting to the Canberra before 5pm, we needed to get three train ticket in 5 minutes. Luckily, we met a lady who bought all three of our tickets for 10 Red Bull cans. Our saviour!

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A bit of elbow grease © Christian Miller

No sleep 'til Brisbane

Arriving at Monash University we found a safe and some clues to help us open it. The clues were so cryptic that we all laughed – we thought it was a joke. We were brainstorming for a good five minutes and getting absolutely nowhere. Then all of a sudden – bingo! - we cracked the safe to find another case of Red Bull. Next stop: Brisbane.

We met a real-life angel who picked us up from Brisbane airport and drove us to our next checkpoint. After seeing how far away it actually was, we were very grateful. And just when we thought she couldn’t get any nicer - she veered through a Maccas drive-thru and bought us all a much-needed breakfast. And all for only three cans!

We had to conquer the Free60 challenge at our Brisbane checkpoint, which involved scoring a certain number of points within 60 seconds with a basketball. We were pretty nervous because none of the other teams had passed the checkpoint yet – but after a bit of practice, Rhys nailed it. No one could wipe that smile off his face! This little victory put The 3 Pigs at the top of the leaderboard. Things were looking good.

A rollercoaster ride

Bit of a segue, but we’ve gotta tell you about our best trade of the trip: we got to Movie World and gave the girls are the front gate just one can of Red Bull. We didn’t think we’d get away with it, but they let us straight on through to ride the rollercoasters.

We ran into two of Jack’s good friends in Brisbane. He hadn’t seen them in years, so it was an amazing stroke of luck. They put a roof over our heads, fed us and drove us straight to our checkpoint.

We traded some cans of Red Bull to get our flights from Brisbane to Cairns (crazy, right?!) We thought we were crazy lucky, but we boarded the flight and found two other teams who’d done the exact same thing!

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Get to de chaaaaper © 3 Pigs – Jack, Rhys & Daniel

Flying into first place

After arriving in Cairns, we managed to blag a chopper ride over with just a few cans. Definitely the highlight of our trip!

We dropped in to Peter Pans Travel and, after hearing our story they helped us snag three seats on a jet boat ride - all for 12 cans of Red Bull. And with only five hours left until the finish line closed, it couldn’t have come at a better time. After the jet boat, the next stop was the checkered flag. And you’ve only got to look at this photos to know what happened next. Thanks to Contiki for the awesome prize!

Jumping for joy © Christian Miller

Red Bull Can You Make It was such an awesome adventure. If you’re a student and you’re keen to get out there – we'd recommend it to anyone!“

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