These guys epitomise the love BASE-jumpers share

For these BASE jumpers, the bond they shared was everything.
© GoPro
By Red Bull Australia

It’s hard to think of an extreme sport that inspires more comradery among practitioners than BASE jumping. When you’re flinging yourself off a mountain, bridge or building armed with nothing but a wingsuit and a parachute – you have to be able to trust your crew and your partner with your life. It’s not a game: it’s life or death, every time.

For professional BASE jumpers Ian Flanders and Matt Blank, their bond – and their love for one another - was put to the ultimate test on 23 July, 2015, when a routine jump for Flanders went horribly wrong.

Before the incident on that fateful day, Blank had realised that his and Flanders’ appetite for adventure could one day cost them their lives, and so began writing letters to all of his friends and family – just in case.

In the incredibly powerful short film from GoPro, When We Were Knights, Blank reads the letter he wrote for Flanders over footage of the pair jumping, laughing and living their lives to the fullest. It’s a moving story of friendship, adventure, bravery…and of conquering fear. No matter what.


Directed and Edited by Anson Fogel
Primary Footage by Matt Blank and Ian Flanders
Produced by GoPro and Camp4 Collective
Music by Keith Kenniff /
Sound Mix by Jeffrey Yellen /
Color by Anson Fogel

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