Here's how to win Red Bull Can You Make It 2016

Can you make it? Yes you can. Just read this first.
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By Red Bull Australia

Applications are now open for the 2016 edition of Red Bull Can You Make It Australia. This means a whole new batch of university students will soon be setting off on an epic trip around Australia armed only with cans of Red Bull as currency (no cash, no credit cards).

This also means there'll be a whole new bunch of students - you guys - looking for tips on how to win RBCYMI. So we figured we should drop 2014s winners, 3 Pigs, a line to see how they did it. 

Listen up as Rhys talks you through the strategy that saw 3 Pigs win RBCYMI '14 and bag a Contiki trip through South East Asia (this year's prize is a Contiki trip through the United States, btw. No biggie).

What made yourself, Dan, and Jack want to sign up for Red Bull Can You Make It?
We just thought why not. It looked like a great opportunity and a lot of fun. Plus, Red Bull always holds sick events so…there was that.

Did you guys do anything to prepare for the CYMI challenge? Did you have a strict training regime? Did you go on a superfood diet? Did you practice your bartering skills before the adventure began?
To be honest we didn't really give ourselves much of a chance, we sort of rocked up thinking we’d just roll with the punches. After finding out about other people putting on full on shows, making videos and the like, we were sort of nervous. But I guess we just relied on our ability to think on our feet and we somehow pulled it off!

As for a strict diet – nah. But we did brainstorm general ideas and modes of possible transport in certain locations.

What were you most excited about when you were at the RBCYMI start line?
There was a lot of nervous energy and seeing who else was starting in Sydney was good. The Red Bull team got us super hyped, which added to the excitement. Not too much was going through our minds, just get to University of New South Wales and go from there.

Did you find it hard to get the trades going to begin with? Did you learn any tips and tricks along the way?
Not really, people were generally quite approachable. Our first trade was actually with Bryan Fletcher (ex-NRL player and TV personality). He gave us a lift straight to UNSW and we ended up actually beating the Red Bull team to the first activity. That was probably about 250m from the start line, so we were off to a flyer!

No cash, just cans! © Christian Miller

What was your most memorable experience or biggest achievement from the RBCYMI challenge?
We got a helicopter and speedboat ride in Cairns – that was incredible. We were just sitting back and taking it in – it felt like a holiday! The relief of crossing the finish line after a tough few days was pretty memorable too.

Did you ever have a moment when you thought ‘…I don’t think we’re going to be able to do this?’ What was your biggest hurdle?
Definitely in Brisbane. We had come so far and we were way ahead of schedule but we were really struggling to find a way to Cairns. Even driving, it’s quite a long way. We ended up getting a flight to Cairns and sleeping in the common room of Gilligans Backpackers which has a bar directly below it, so we were awake all night with that noise. It definitely wasn't the best sleep.

How important was it to work as a team?
It's the most important skill to have. We all had our own strengths and worked to them really well. You can't win with only one person putting the effort in.

Did you ever think you’d get away with winning the whole thing? How did it feel when you crossed that finish line?

Not at all, we were originally just there for a laugh and the experience. Somehow we managed to wake up in Melbourne by day two, so we were kinda of just like, ‘uh…we could pull this off’. We didn't have a clue we were winning but we knew we were up there.

What was the biggest lesson you learned during the trip?

You can sleep in more places than you think, and there are still lots of nice souls out there willing to help you out!

What would you say to any students out there who are thinking of taking on the RBCYMI challenge?
Do it! Why not?! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We didn't give ourselves a chance of winning at the start line, we just wanted to have fun. Fast-forward six months and we’re doing a Contiki trip around South East Asia thanks to Red Bull.

Any advice for this year’s entrants?

Roll the dice and try to target transport and locations that you think others won't be able to achieve. And set yourself apart from the rest!

Applications for Red Bull Can You Make It Australia 2016 are now open. Make a 1-minute application video and apply now. What have you got to lose? Not much. That's what we reckon.

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